30 June 2012

Somehow this worked out wrong...

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  Today is my birthday.  The big five-oh.  The SandCastle crew greeted me with cards and a couple presents.  Nothing much, but then I don't need much.  I pretty much have anything I need.

I headed out to the range to get in a little trigger time with the June* ePostal match. The guy on the next bench had a couple toys out, A Judge, and an Uzi.  Someone came up to talk to him about the Uzi.  Through the earplugs I heard "Yep, I only take it out once a year on my birthday".  I set my pistol down and introduced my self.  He confirmed we share a birthday.  Today he is "fifty-ten" years old.  (Retelling this to the SCSon, he said "I don't understand".  I asked "What comes after fifty-nine?")

Meanwhile the SCQueen headed out and bought herself a car!  I might have joined her but I had this root canal to tend to and given the alternative, the root canal was the better choice.

Wait a minute!  How does that work, it's my birthday and SHE gets the car?  That seems badly broken!

In reality, it was past time to replace her car.  It was 10 years old with a lot of miles on it.  The "Check Engine" light had been on with an intermittent fault.  The light no longer showed.  We suspect it burnt out.  Also, The SCSon, now a 'teen meant the old car was a pretty tight fit for the SandCastle Crew.  The SCSon is probably most happy with the new wheels as he has leg room even with the front seats at the aft stops.  She did well and drove a hard bargain.

I showed up with the pinks on her car we were trading in and ready to write the check.  just showing up torqued me off as there was little parking available.  I found a spot, but one of their cars was parked half into the spot.  I said screw that, I drive a crappy old car, I'm parking there anyway (leaving about 2" clearance to the driver's door).  Explaining this to her sales person they immediately reparked my car UNDER SHADE!

An hour+ later they still weren't ready.  I handed over the checkbook and said "I'm outta here".   My plan for the evening included a) dinner with the family(mongolian bbq), b) pee-wee golf with the family (nothing like pee-wee golf after the sun goes down but the temps are still north of the century mark).  Then home to file my comments to the FAA proposal to drop the 3rd class medical requirement for certain operations.

Turns out they still needed a couple siggies which we did after dinner.  Never made pee-wee golf but I did get my comments into the FAA.

So what did your SO get on YOUR birthday?

* This is the closing weekend for the June ePostal match, meanwhile True Blue Sam has posted the July match.  Get out your .22's and look for a hat on the hoof!  It's a TWO-FER weekend if you act quickly!


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!


Old NFO said...

Hippo Birdie to you Sir... And I'd take a root canal over dealing with car dealers too... I'm also 50+10, so my present to myself was a new shooty toy :-)

CapitalistPig said...

Is SCQueen going to send you to Reno for a belated birthday present?

danno said...

Thanks all. Birthdays to me are pretty much a "don't care" these days. The speed with which they occur make my head spin. ["Fifty"? they hell you say... it was only yesterday I was thirty eight] Still, I appreciate the sentiments.

Still seems wrong she gets the big present on my birthday!

I also want to thank [unnamed] lifelong friend for remembering and sending a card. The card + 44 cent stamp means a $million to me!