05 June 2012

Venus Transit

Venus is the dark spot in the upper right quadrant.

The camera is a Sony DSC-H9. It does a lot of things well. However one limitation is that I cannot manually set the focus. In a shot like this, I just want it set to infinity and leave it. I took several shots some of which came out this sharp others definitely less. Suspect the autofocus is to blame.

Trying some of the manual settings. This one is a little better:

See you in 105 years for the next transit!

Update: I considered the top photo over exposed and much preferred the later and considered replacing one with the other. But in the interest of "naa, it's already published" I left it. A co-worker today vehemently disagreed. "The TOP photo IS WHAT I SAW!" (I ordered in eclipse glasses for the SandCaslte personal use at the prior event and sold off the surplus at cost. There were plenty floating around the plant for this event.) BTW, both images were made at the maximum zoom of the camera (x15). The top image is smaller due to the cropping of the image where I kept the glare from the brighter image.

My co-worker is correct - the top image is what we saw looking through the eclipse glasses. I like the lower better as it's not as over exposed.