13 June 2012

ePostal results - reposted...

Thanks all for shooting the May ePostal match. Mr. C aced it with his High
Standard and long barrel. Pat B, a new shooter did very well with his S&W.
Good Shooting! Welcome to the matches Pat, hope to see you in future
results. TBS & I tied points wise in class 8 but he took the place with
2x200 to my 1x200.

Hope everyone had fun. The June match is up at Random Nuclear Strikes.

See you at the range!

Update: Billl reminds me he submitted 4 targets, not just one. My bad, mea
Culpa. Scores updated. Also Class 9 became the "High Point Carbine class".
Update 2:  Post restored.  Thanks to the Capitalist Pig for providing a record of the test portions of the post.

Shooter Distance Make Caliber Score

Class 3 Rim Fire Pistol Iron Sights

Mr. Completely 10 Yds High Standard/ OKO 6 MOA red dot .22 LR 1100 Aced it!

Pat B. 10 Yds S&W 617 .22 LR 900 2x200, 5x100

True Blue Sam 10 Yds Ruger Single Six .22 LR 425

Billll 10 Yds Ruger mk 1 .22 LR 400

Mr. CCBCC 11 Yds Ruger .22/45 .22 LR 100

Class 5 Centerfire Pistol Iron Sights

Billll 10 Yds Rossi .357 .38 +P 400

danno 11 Yds Hi-Power 9mm 200

Pat B. 10 Yds Colt Police Special .38 spl 150

Mr. CCBCC 11 Yds Hi-Power 9mm 50

Class 7 Rim Fire Rifle Iron Sights

True Blue Sam 25 Yds Marlin 39 Century Limited .22 LR 800

True Blue Sam 25 Yds Ithaca 49 .22 LR 500

Class 8 Rim Fire Rifle Magnified Optic Sights

True Blue Sam 25 Yds Browning BLR x4 scope .22 LR 900 2x200, 5x100 Tie broken by # of high scoring hits.

danno 25 Yds Ruger 10/.22 4-12x scope .22 LR 900 1x200, 7x100 Aguila eley

Billll 25 Yds Remington Nylon 66, 7x scope .22 LR 600

Mrs. True Blue Sam 25 Yds Browning BLR x4 scope .22 LR

Class 9 Hi Point Carbine

True Blue Sam 25 Yds Hi-Point carbine .45 auto 900

Billll 25 Yds Hi-Point carbine, 4x scope .45 auto 400

danno 50 Yds Hi-Point carbine 9mm 200

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