01 October 2014

DGC update

DGC 499:  Teens break into home, one dies of a case of lead poisoning.

Normally I'd be cheer a headline like that, but this may be a case of four lives thrown away for peanuts.  What'd they expect to score in the invasion?

The teens were enrolled in a welding program at the local technical school.  Certified welders are in high demand and they would have a job on graduation day.  Just ask Phil @ RNS.

Instead, one dead and three facing murder charges (Felony murder rule) which a timely 911 call probably could have avoided.  The wasted potential makes me sad.

Kids, remember this case.  The choices you make today will affect the rest of your life.  A felony at 18 means limiting your employment prospects, no voting (mebbe) and never touching a gun.

DGC 500: 11YO shoots man stabbing her mom.
Good on the 11YO and whoever taught her to use a gun!  Update the attacker survived.  No DGC for you.  (Still good shooting and I'm glad the 11YO was there and stopped the attack.

DGC 500 & 501:  three bad guys attempt to rob a gas station attendant.  He pulls the gun openly carried on his hip and returns fire, killing two of the three.

Let me say that again ... OPENLY CARRIED ON HIS HIP...  Wow... did these guys sleep through "the interview" class in bad-guy school?

The Good guy took some hits to the legs & hip, but nothing life threatening.  Heal fast good-Guy!

Via The Blaze which includes this gem
Everybody knew all the employees carry a gun!
How did they miss that?  If they catch the third guy, he'll likely get the Felony-Murder rule treatment as well.

DGC 502: I Shot My Stalker! (Via Bearing Arms)

Woman shoots a man who has been stalking her for six months and just kicked he way through her door, past the chair backing up the deadbolt.  Good Shooting! i am so glad you were armed and able to stop this guy when clearly the police couldn't/wouldn't.

And a side note, if they took your gun as evidence, as I hear this is often the case, I hope you have procured another!

Sigh, so many DGCs, so little time.  Seems there were others but these are the one I can recall today.

Update 03oct:  I misread the story of the 11YO - the attacker survived.  Also, the gas station attendant gts two DGC credits.


Anonymous said...

Well, this is a start in cleaning up the gene pool!


Old NFO said...

Little bit more chlorine in the gene pool! ;-)