22 October 2014

DGC Update

DGC  506: Two guys rob a bank and leave the get away car running out front.  Someone at a nearby business  notices what's going on and takes action.  First he shuts off the car and takes the keys, then he draws his own weapon and waits.

Needless to say, the bad guys weren't amused when they emerged from the bank carrying a garbage can full of money to find their get away compromised. One bad guy gets hit in the ensuing gun fight and does not make it to the hospital.  The other bad guy left quite the carnage of dented cars as he tried for a get away.  But he didn't get far.

I feel bad for those with damaged cars.  They will likely be out their deductible to get their cars fixed.

DGC  507: (Via Bearing Arms) four guys invade a residence, at least one carrying  a gun.  But the residents have been robbed before and kept a weapon handy.  The now dead guy was out on bond waiting for a July trial.  So the taxpayers get to save a bunch of money on those trials and a whole lot more in incarceration costs.  Good shooting!

But I wonder what the bad guys hoped to find in the residence?

Again, what did he think was worth the risk?  The story notes the home had been broken into several times recently.  Was it thought of as an easy mark?  A close relative is a criminal defense attorney.   He tells me "criminals are not stupid.  They know that when a home is robbed, the homeowners typically have insurance to replace the stuff that was stolen.  That means the house now has new stuff to steal and thus becomes a known target."

Good on the resident for taking responsibility for his and his son's personal safety.  Also good shooting!

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Merle said...

In the past I have seen signs that say "there is nothing inside worth your life", so maybe the bad guys should rethink their career choices?