24 December 2015


A long time friend is changing jobs and we scheduled a farewell lunch.  Another longtime mutual friend lives across town.  I invited him to fly down and join us.  This is known in pilot circles as "an excuse to fly".  And any real pilot would jump at the chance!  See also "no brainer!"  IOW the trip is the destination,

The nearest airport is one he hadn't landed at in many years.  As he was taxiing in, someone came on the radio to let him know the CTAF* frequency had recently changed.  My friend checked the current AFD** (Apparently it's and android app - Yeah Technology!) and it still showed CTAF on 122.9.  He inquired to the caller "What is the source of your information?"  "That's what somebody told me".  :-(  That's not a very good answer.

My cross-town friend emails tonight:
On the way out of XYZ I saw a sign at the end of RWYnn that said CTAF had changed effective Dec (??).   When I got home I called Flight Service and asked for the CTAF for XYZ.  I was told 122.9.  I told my story and asked was he sure it was 122.9.  He then found the notam that published the change.  Asking for the CTAF is not enough, you have to ask for weather/notams.  What a stupid system.
(Emphasis mine).  I wish for a double bold font for those last four words!  Bold Italics will have to do.

Y'all be careful out there!  And keep the scan going.

* CTAF = (Cee-TAF) =Common Traffic Advisory Frequency,,  This is a frequency used at an uncontrolled airport where  pilots can communicate and coordinate between themselves as to where they are in the pattern and coordinate landing sequence.
** Airport Facilities Directory

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