29 December 2015

November ePostal results (2nd edition)

Here is the first release of the November are the standings of the Winter ePostal match:
Last Updated 09Jan2016

Class Shooter Bangstick score Targets Hit
Rimfire Pistol, Iron sights

Mike B S&W 617 8 8 free parking

Billll Ruger Mk I 8 8 free parking

True Blue Sam Ruger .22/45 7 6 Free Parking + 1 Steering Wheel

True Blue Sam Ruger Mk III 6 5 Free Parking + 1 Steering Wheel

Ed Hibbard Ruger Mk III .22/45 5 2 Free parking + 2 Steering Wheels + 1 Driver's License 8F

True Blue Sam Ruger Single Six 4 4 Steering Wheels + 1 Yield – 1 citation

Matthew Pond Ruger Mk III .22/45 4 2 Free parking + Stop Sign + Steering Wheel

danno Ruger Single Six 1 1 Stop, 11 yards

Mr. CCBCC Ruger Single Six 0 1 Yield + 1 Driver's License – 2 citations, 11 yards

Mr. CCBCC Ruger .22/45 -1 1 Free Parking – 2 citations, 11 yards

danno Ruger .22/45 -1 -1 collision warning, 11 yards

Rimfire Pistol, magnified optic sights

True Blue Sam TC .22LR scope 7 7 Steering Wheels

Rimfire Rifle, Magnified Optic sights

Billll Marlin 795, 3x sight 7 7 Free Parking

Ed Hibbard Savage Mk II, 3-9x sight 7 4 Free Parking + 2 Steering Wheels + 1 stop. 8 degrees F

Matthew Pond Savage Mk II, 3-9x sight 3 Free Parking + Yield + Steering Wheel

Center Fire Pistol, Iron sights

Billll CZ v82 6 6 Free Parking

Billll Glock 22 6 6 Free Parking

Mr. CCBCC Hi Power 2 1 Yield + 1 Driver's License, 11 yards

danno Hi Power 1 1 Stop, 11 yards

There was some confusion on the scoring - hits on the bold lines of the parking spot score as a miss (0), not a "no-shoot" (-1).  Also the sign posts and grass sprigs are part of the target at the top of the post.  The intent here was to add additional scoring area.  (Except on the collision no shoot, the post and grass enlarge that no-shoot (-1).  Sorry for the confusion.  If there is any question in the interpretation of the rules, please ask!

This match is not over!  This is only the first edition results.  I will continue to accept entries until the next match is posted around the end of February/beginning of March.  Also, do not limit yourself to the above classes.  Shoot it however you want and if it doesn't fit the above classes, I will add classes as necessary.

Maybe we SandCastle residents can improve our negative scores.

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