23 January 2009

DirecTV bonus!

Just noticed.. DirecTV has dropped the golf channel* and replaced it with the Sportmans Channel (SPMN) on 605.

That means Tom Gresham's Personal Defense TV and Guns and Ammo are once again viewable here at the SandCastle!

Oh, and some feedback for G&A TV.. Your "what's it worth" cliff hangers are totally bogus. You know what my answer pretty much always is? I DON'T KNOW! These spots highlighting guns I'm not familiar with are interesting because They are guns I'm not familiar with!. That means I don't have a clue as to what they are worth! Just tell me the value. Or don't. I care enough to expand my horizons, but I'm probably not going to buy one. Or this is a rerun from a couple years ago and that information is several years out of date. That means the answer is either a "don't care" or "wrong". Either way it's a waste of program time.

* What, Curling already had a channel? I mean really. If there was ever a "sport" that begged to be "played" and not "watched", golf is it!

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