12 January 2009

Winchester .22 ammo recall

Xavier posts a bent .22 pistol with a link to THR thread. Obviously not a reloading error.

We have a box of Winchester Xpert .22 here at the SandCastle. The SCQueen came home with it when the local WalMart was out of the more usual Federal bulk pack. I've never been happy with the Xpert and forbidden it's purchase in the future. It feels anemic and frequently fails to cycle the semi autos compared to the Federal which feels more solid and rarely fails to cycle. Now to find out it's also at risk of double charges! Great.

The recall notice on the Winchester site says to look for a lot number of XN, YA, YB, or YC. Checking my box, sure 'nuff, lot number YA30M. Can't tell if the first character is an I, 1 or something else.

The recall notice says "Send it back" but no details on how they plan to make it right. I trust they will make it right. Whatever the case, check back here for details.

The more troubling concern is the timing involved. Winchester's recall notice is dated 4/18/2007. This particular box was purchased less than 6 months ago.

That leads to two possibilities: a) This box is not subject to recall. Or b) why is WalMart selling recalled ammo better than a year after the recall notice?

Stay tuned for more details

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