05 January 2009

Good guys: 3, Bad guys: 1

Subtitle "I see your pepper spray and raise you a Smith & Wesson"

OK criminals, here's a hint. Don't try to rob a jewelery store in these parts. Store owners are on premises and and they aren't beholden to any corporate "thou shalt be disarmed policy" that protects the corporation by sacrificing the employee. These guys make the policy and they are armed!

Case in point #1 (today):
The owner of a Phoenix jewelry store shot two men who had used pepper spray on him during an attempted robbery.

Case #2 (<3 wks ago):
A Chandler jewelery store owner is being praised as a hero for thwarting a robbery even as he was being shot in the face.

That makes one bad guy dead, one wounded and all three still breathing in jail. Total take: zero. Meanwhile one good guy unhurt and one recovering. The first story ends with "Investigators say the owner acted in self defense and won't be charged." And who could argue (with a straight face) that the guy who took a bullet in the face wasn't justified in his shooting?

Good Shootin' there guys! And good choice in picking 1911 over 911! You chose wisely.

Note to self: Next time shopping for the SCQueen, pick a local merchant not a chain!

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