27 January 2009

How to win a Paid Vacation!

My full disgust has yet to find words. I'm sure D. Codrea will capture it well. But this needs to get out.

Here we have the case of officer Fraiser who reportedly:
* Crashed his car,
* Left DNA evidence at the scene (Puked his guts out)
* Fled the scene of the accident
* Lied to investigators

And now has been rewarded with a PAID VACATION!

From the Arizona Republic:
Gilbert police arrived on scene ... after 4 a.m. Dec. 5 to find officer Brent Frasier's abandoned Chevrolet Tahoe against a large water fountain, with the vehicle's airbags deployed, police reports state.

Frasier was nowhere to be found, but inside the vehicle, they found Frasier's Mesa police badge, a Glock handgun and ammunition for an AR15 assault rifle.

Outside the vehicle, they noticed where someone, possibly the driver, had thrown up, and they were able to collect DNA evidence from it.Frasier, who declined to comment, is on administrative leave with pay.

"left his Mesa police badge and department issue Glock behind unattended".

Clearly this breeches the trust I have for our men in blue. I want only honest stand up responsible guys in this position of authority. This guy pretty much broke every one of those requirements. Sorry, the excuses don't cut it, because they are just that: EXCUSES!

Ok, this guy will be hit with some minor charges and probably lose his job. Too bad, So Sad. The downside risk to the public of losing his badge and gun are epic!

If us little people did the same thing, I can't possibly imagine we'd be extended the same courtesy. Instead we'd be charged with multiple felonies. They quote some 2 hour rule, but I'd bet he'd still meet the extreme DUI standard even when questioned several hours later.

Tell me again what parallel universe are we living in where this meets the definition of "Equal treatment under the law"?

While Gilbert PD is pursuing charges, even the wrist slaps that they are, I trust they will remember that I am a potential juror and if called to serve, I will recall these standards when judging my peers.

Besides, there are several cheaper options to drinking and driving. Aside from the obvious, "call a cab" or "call a friend", there is a local service (DESI) which will take you and tow your car home for only $25.

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