08 October 2009

Free Hawaiian vacation so far

Day 0: two trips through security theater, two airplanes, one flight delay, 55 minutes to rent a car and 15 minutes wait for the security guy to venture forth to let us in to our room. 6 1/2 hours spent airborne, 16 hours door-to-door. We are staying on the island of Kauai so most of the pics will be from here.

Oh and woah Nelly is it humid here! Temps at 10PM local are still in the high 80F's with humidity to match. I'm drenched by the time I lug the first load up the 29 steps to the front door. The news reports the normal trade winds are broken leading to the high temps/humidity. Maybe they'll return around the time we leave.

Day 1: We head South and West to the Waimea Canyon. It's a short drive distance wise maybe 50 miles, but a long trip time wise. About 2 hours one way. The speed limits are low but it's not a factor as the road is twisty and we're frequently stuck behind Qtips doing 15 or maybe 20 on the straights. BTW, The road up to Waimea would be a hoot to drive in a sports car. Heck, it would make one heck of a hill climb event. Sadly the squirrels powering the PTcruiser just aren't up to the task. The view however is well worth the drive!

Day 2: Headed to the North side of the island. We drove 'till the road was no more. Here is the Kilauea Lighthouse.

Day 3: Hop over to the Island of Oahu to visit the Pearl Harbor sites. A visit to the USS Arizona memorial is on my "to do this life" list. Check!

Day 4: Back on Kauai. Yesterday's trip around Oahu involved a lot of walking and I have the blisters to show for it. I need an easy day to nurse the soles of my feet. We took a short drive south to the Spouting Horn:

Stay tuned for more, including some obligatory gun pr0n.
I reserve the right to revise and extend my remarks.

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David aka True Blue Sam said...

We can blame the squirrel shortage under the hood on Mr. Completely. Have a great time.