11 October 2009

I hate airline travel part n+1

We've seen Kauai. It rained all day Saturday and part of today. We're tired and ready to sleep in our own beds. The flight home (on an airline that rhymes with shmerican) is supposed to be a redeye departing at the sucky hour of 9:30pm local. They just called my cell number with a recorded message that the flight has been pushed back two hours with a corresponding arrival delay. That puts into LAX 15 minutes after our connecting flight pushes back from the gate.

The Schmerican gate agent wouldn't lift a finger to help us in any way, not even to seat us together on the new flight (our current seat assignments are a dozen rows apart). Nor would the Schmerican call in reservation center. "Kelly @ DFW" said there are at least 5 rows with the needed seats together but "they are all under control of the gate agent. The same gate agent that wouldn't lift a finger 20 minutes earlier when she was FTF with the SCQueen.

The connecting airline wasn't much help either. They want $100/ticket to confirm us on a later flight. However we can fly standby for free. We'll see how that works out for us.

The one saving grace is the timeshare. Knowing we had a late departure we asked for and were granted a late checkout. Apparently no one is checking into the unit this afternoon so they said "Stay as long as you need". If we had to be out by noon we'd be hurt puppies, and certainly smelly puppies by boarding time.

I was supposed to report for work at 1pm local tomorrow... Who knows if we'll even be in town by then, let alone in a mental condition to actually work.

Schmerican - You Suck! It will be a cold day in Hell before I buy another ticket with you.

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