26 October 2009

How is this possible?

"Student shoots himself while talking to professor"

How is this possible when guns are banned on the ASU campus? (Ref 5-308 (f)(24))

One of the students in the radio report said something to the effect of "How can this happen, we need more security." Has he stopped to think about how many people enter the campus every day? A recent article noted enrollment topped 69000 students, and there are probably another 5K employees. The Tempe campus covers more than 1 square mile with several streets criss-crossing the property.

A reasonable person would understand that a no-guns sign with the threat of student disciplinary action has no effect on someone that already has robbery, rape or murder on their mind.

In a case like this, there was probably only a couple-three seconds between the pulling the gun from the backpack and squeezing the trigger. An LEO even a step or two away is too far.

Glad no one else was hurt.

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