09 November 2009

Rule #3

PD: Officer accidentally shoots self at police academy
Rumors that he had just uttered "I'm the only one professional enough in this room to handle this Glock" are almost certainly untrue.

Seriously though, lots of bones in the foot. Hope it was "just a flesh wound" and he heals well.

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ExurbanKevin said...

We had an ND at Rio last month in the midst of a USPSA match. The shooter had just shot his first-ever course of fire and before the RO could utter "If you are finished; unload and show clear", he re-holstered his pistol and BLAM, put one into his foot.

He was using a Springfield XD, so not only did he have his booger-hook on the bang-switch, but he had a grip on the grip safety as well.

And did I mention the shootee was also a former LEO?