27 December 2010

November ePostal results are up

Manfred has posted the November ePostal results.  I congratulate the winners and my only regret is the few entrants this month even with the 2 week extension.  I count only five discrete shooters.

No matter...   I love the concept of heading to the range with a specific mission.  I'm not just randomly poking holes in paper with some nebulous "good enough" yard stick to measure by.  This is a more measurable standard to judge by.

Losing  2x2 (same two pistols, he beat me both ways) to my good blog-friend TrueBlueSam, I would love to to shoot a match side by side.  I fully expect the result to come out the same, but I also expect to learn something in the process!  TBS, you have an open invitation on my range any time!  And if I put wheels down somewhere in your vicinity, I hope you'll have time to offer a lesson.

I will also say, shooting the Crosman .177 air pistol has taught me a lot about patience and smoothness.


Anonymous said...

Actually I entered too, but my targets got lost. I have re-submitted them, so that will bump-up the total a bit.


danno said...

Hey great Merle... I was surprised to not see your name listed.

BTW, Are you going to offer up a "winter match"? Lemme know and I'll update the link on the top left side.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Danno: I am not that great a shot, but Mr. C's contest does make me go out and shoot regularly. My secrets: I wear low powered cheaters that allow me to see both the sights and the target fairly well; I will shoot a few shots off the bench to make sure my sights are still dialed in right; and, I read on Mr. Completely's blog that you must learn to complete your trigger squeeze as the sights move onto the target, because you can never hold your sights on a target when you are shooting offhand. That bit of advice improved most of my shots, but it also gives me some spectacular misses, demonstrating that regular practice is important. I also recommend installing a lighter trigger spring on your Single-Six. It's a five minute job that requires only a scredriver and a small nail or punch. Bea is enjoying her Crosman, and I hope to visit her soon and try it out myself. True Blue Sam

danno said...

Thanks for the tips... I'll have to give those a try, especially the part about breaking the shot as the sights cross the target and the cheaters. (I think the SCQueen buys 'em by the gross. I'm not vain but I refuse to admit I need bi-focals ;-)

Also, I see Midway offers a Wolff spring kit for the SS-6... is that what you recommend?

David aka True Blue Sam said...

The Wolff is in my SS, Blackhawk, and Bea's Blackhawk.