26 December 2010

You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille

The SandCastle's DSL modem chose Christmas day to give up the ghost.  I didn't touch it, I swear!  All I did was attempt to enable the wireless networking.

Customer "service" in India said since I'm renting the modem they would send me a new one but it would be 2-3 business days.  At $5 a month, I've bought that modem about three times over so I didn't really want to rent their @$#* modem anyway so instead we just bought a new one locally today.  This one combines the DSL modem with the router so it's simplified the wiring here in the process.

This morning the SandCastle Queen brought home the new one this morning and we were back up and running in about 10 minutes.  Just need to call billing in the AM and get them to stop the modem charge.

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