13 December 2010

Sarah Palin channels JayG!

Did you catch Sarah Palin's Alaska last night? 

There is a scene where they are taking bear safety training and reviewing the different bear repellents available.  First was a flash/bang type shot gun round, then bean bag and graduated through to buckshot and slugs.  

The scene ended with a charging bear scenario using a bear target on a movable cart.  Sarah got two shots off, both good hits before the  "bear" made it to Sarah.  Sarah then utters ".. and here is where I use the bayonet."   It was said quietly and missed it the first time through.

I think this is definitive proof SP reads StuckInMassachusetts

Start at 3:55 in the embedded clip. Money quote at 4:10:

1 comment:

Mike W. said...

Bah, she didn't really need to shoot the bear. Just give it some PB&J sandwiches and all will be fine.