14 October 2014

The well worn curse...

"may you live in interesting times"  played out last Friday AM.

The SandCastle Queen and I ventured a few miles South to rent a car for a weekend road trip.  This is a storefront car rental operation, nowhere near the airport.  We'd reserved a car online so we were expected.

While going through the preliminaries of presenting ID & credit cards, the rental agency phone rang.  We only hear one side of the conversation,  "No I can't release that information, my company is very strict about that...  hang on a second".  [he continues processing our transaction]"Who are you with?"  "What names are you interested in".... "okay... hang on a bit, I'm with a customer right now."

A minute or two later a young hispanic guy (HG) walks in and gingerly takes the chair by the door while we continue our transaction.  A minute or two later he asks to use the bathroom.   I'm thinking "interview"? He quickly continues "I'm here to rent a car."  The guy behind the counter (GBC)  asks for his name.  I do not recall the name but the GBC tells him, "Oh we just talked on the phone and as I mentioned, we are out of cars.   Come back after Noon."

The HG turns and walks out... exposing the 1911 on his right hip.  Now AZ is an open carry state so no freakout on anyone's part.   GBC picks up the phone and says "one of them just came in"...  "OK, hang on"

We head out to check out the car we are renting... The HG is lurking in the corners of the parking lot with a couple friends.  The car looks good 'cept the GM badge in back is crooked.  The SCQueen asks the GBC if we should call 911 for him.  "No need they are watching these guys and they have eyes on".

The GBC made some comment about the HG wearing a gun.  I commented "But you have yours too, right?  "no.. company rules".   Scanning the area, the HG & friends are gone,

I tried to put a bug in his ear,,, "What us more important?"  "This job or your life?"  Thinking "Dude, You are out here all alone,  Should something happen, you are dependent on the folks at the Sprint store next door or the kids working Arbys store to come to your aid."  And then how long before how long before help shows up?  See also, realtors of Texas.

Arizona is under a manhunt right now.  An LEO was shot in the face a couple days ago and these guys may or may not be connected.  Equally possible these guys are running drugs or involved with any such criminal activity,

Returning the car Monday AM, we inquired about the HG.  Nothing came of it.  "He never came back."  And nothing in the news.  Guess it never happened.

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NotClauswitz said...

Maybe the kids at Arby's have some stuff in their truck? Or the Sprint guy...? It's pretty iffy.