28 July 2008

ePostal entry

Just sent my July ePostal entry off to Captain of a Crew of One for the July ePostal contest... kinda reminded me why I gave up Cricket in pubs ;-)

Here's the pertinent stuff:
Class 1: Ruger 22/45, iron sights.
Range: 11 yards (range minimum)
Total shots: 80 (eight 10 round magazines)
tie breakers:
Highest scoring single shot: 50 (double bull)
Non scoring shots: 12
triples: 5
doubles: 2 (7, and bull)... er, 3 double bulls so mebbe that should be 4. (doubt it matters)

Throwing darts, it always seemed one number was elusive. Same thing here. I probably spent 3 magazines trying to hit the 15. I finally decided the liners were good enough and gave up. Note, throwing darts, there are metal wires that force the dart one way or the other and these clearly would have gone the other way. Sometimes the dart will hit the wire square enough to throw it back. We played that if the thrower is quick enough (and dumb enough, remember this is flying projectile with a sharp point) to catch the rejected dart before it hits the floor, they could throw it again without penalty.

But following the general "if it touches the line it counts" scoring, I'll take it. Surely someone, (Anyone, Everyone?) can do better than this, it's like putting 6 in miniature golf (pick up the ball and move on).

This would have been easier with someone along to call the shots.

Geez I suck.... But who's next?


PS, we played a Cricket variant in the pubs. Normally the game requires once a thrower hits a number 3x, he starts keeping track of how many more times the number is hit before the opponent closes out the number. The larger sum wins the game. But that requires math which is problematic after a pint or 4.

Instead of keeping score after closing out a number, we simply added doubles, triples and 'slices of the pie' (all three darts landing in any single wedge). But a dart could only be counted once. So a triple 20 on the first throw could either be counted as 3x20's or one triple, but not both. By far the hardest was the pie wedges.

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