24 July 2008

She's here and she is sweet!

IBM M1 Carbine Serial number 389xxxx.

A few dents and dings but otherwise in very good condition. Looks like a sticker was peeled off the stock. Range report over the weekend.

Update: (more pics)

First the sticker mark on the stock. Anyone know what that said?

Second: The IBM etching on the barrel


Anonymous said...

Was it a round sticker about 1" in diameter?

My Inland had one of those on it too. I think they had something to do with the Italians cataloguing them before shipping them back to the US...but I'm not sure.

danno said...

Hi SC! Thanks for stopping by!

No, this spot is rectangular, probably 1.5" x2.5". I'll try to get a pic tonight.

BobG said...

Nice. When I was younger, you could get all of those you wanted for $40 or $50; wish I'd grabbed a couple then, but who knew the price would escalate as far as it did?

Kevin said...

Mine came in on Tuesday. I'll be headed for the range bright-n-early tomorrow.

danno said...

bobg - Well lessee, $40 then to $575 today is about 15x appreciation over (guessing) 40 years.

If any of us had foresight, we'd have invested in those $1200 P-51's available after WWII and now are worth about $2.5M (~2000x appreciation in ~60 years)

Kevin - So glad to hear you got one too! Hope you'll let us know how she shoots!