21 July 2008

Not quite the Para Ord Golden ticket...

... but a pretty hot wood & steel ticket none the less.

I just got off the phone with Jennifer at CMP. A Service grade IBM Carbine is headed to a new home here at the SandCastle.

Most readers here know the story.. during the WWII war effort many companies switched production from their primary business to making war supplies. Several "small machine" companies: Underwood (Typewriters), National Postal Meter, International Business Machines (IBM). IBM - what red blooded certified computer geek could resist.

Not only that, in high-school when my friends were flipping burgers, I scored a job for a fairly large company as a computer operator on a pair of 370/158 mainframes. Note this predated the original IBM PC when all computing was on mainframes or mini-computers.

Given that there were only about ~1000 each Service and Rack grade - this was going to be a lottery among those that could time the mail service to get the orders in on day 1. But what the heck, you can't win if you don't play. Each entry only costs 42 cents.

Order books opened on July 7th. Figuring a Sunday and a Holiday and 3 days from the west coast, my order went into USPS on Thursday July 3rd. They sent an email on July 10th saying my order was in (but no guarantees). This morning Jennifer called to say the order was on hold.. I had ordered a sling and oiler as with the M1, but did not include shipping on the sling & oiler. Silly me, figured they could throw it into the same box as the carbine and save the shipping. Turns out it doesn't work that way. Still $17 is still less than I paid for a sling & oiler from the gun show.

Stay tuned for pics when she arrives!

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DJK said...

I look forward to it...