20 July 2008


Tam, while converting CDs to a more modern format notes she's a Rush fan.

Brought back memories. I wasn't a fan at first but a good friend Ray was. I'd heard a couple songs which were ok, but Geddy Lee's voice takes some getting used to. Ray had an extra concert ticket and practically begged me to go.

I finally gave in. "What the heck, it's only $6.50 and I'm not busy that evening anyway".

They put on a great show that lasted nearly 3 hours and made a die-hard fan.

I bought the T-shirt, but couldn't wear it - The smoke* was so thick in the air that the smell got embedded in the shirt and reeked for years.

RATS! I carefully saved all my ticket stubs from the concerts over the years. But this one is missing.

*Not from me, I never partook of the evil weed.

Moving Pictures tour June 6th, 1981 at the Oakland Coliseum.

A few years later, Ray turned me on to Saga. But that's a story for another day.

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