27 July 2008

IBM Carbine - Range Report

The IBM Carbine and I made a trip out to the range today. The first Aw (&@* moment was realizing I forgot a magazine for the rifle. Ok, so we'll be in single shot mode today. (Magazines are normally stored in the range bag* so I don't worry about having magazines. Still I should have checked.)

The target was set out at 50 yds. First step in sighting in is to find the hole so we start close. First off, a couple shots to verify functionality. High and right at the 1-2 O"Clock position. Ok, so I needn't have worried about being on paper. I pushed the sight down as far as it would go. Still high. Still more shots, now aiming low to try and lower the shots.

Here's a 5 shot group at 50 yards using Aguila ammunition off the bench. At first glance it appears there are only 4 holes. The second hole from the bottom is a double. 5 shots within 2 7/8". If we write off the flyer, it's 4 within half that span and 2 nearly within the same hole. I'll blame my aging eyes as the weakest link in the system.

We ended the session with a couple shots at the 300 yd gong. Raising the sight to the 3rd mark, and switching to handloads (12.3 gr VV N110 behind Hornady 110 gr FMJ bullets) the shots were landing slightly high and about 18" right. Correcting by aiming low and left should have worked, but the last shot sounded and felt anemic. I thought I saw the shot hit the dirt, but it failed to eject the brass. I was reluctant to shoot it again until verifying the barrel was clear (it was).

In all, a nice shooter. No I wouldn't take it to Joe's Boomershoot, but I'll cherish it as a piece of history. And every piece of brass was recovered for reloading.

* Dang! Midway USA used to offer the bag as $50 list and $24.99 on sale. Now it's $59.99 list on $39.99 on sale. At $25 it was a good deal. $40, eh.... I'd put it at the low end of "fair deal".

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