15 October 2008

Babes with Bullets

SandCastle queen just got home from 3 days with the ladies of Babes with Bullets.

I talked her into signing up after hearing Kay Micuilek on Tom Gresham's Gun talk, and reading Melody Byrne's AAR of last year's class. A couple co-workers signed their wives up too.

Leading up to the class they were all apprehensive. But since it was already past the refund date, they went with it. Since we're local to the range, they also decided to come home each night rather than crash at the townhouses.

End of day one: Arrive home, eyes at half mast, muttering "I hope I make it to tomorrow" and "what have I gotten myself into". Head straight for the shower, eat dinner and then straight to bed.

End of day two: Arrive home wide awake and jazzed. Couldn't wait to talk about what she'd learned and done. She felt like she was shooting well and then they started in on moving. She felt comfortable shooting from a standing position, but the movement took her well out of her comfort zone. She took it slow and kept the accuracy.

End of day three: called me while still working the dayjob(tm). "Not the fastest time, but I avoided the no shoots, got all A zone hits, including one dead center on a swinger target!

Tonight she 'fessed up to her initial reluctance but now says it was one of the best things she's ever done in her life. We'll see if we can get out for Tuesday Night Steel next week.

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