22 October 2008

I Hope to He!! they're right!

Surfing through the channels, I caught a bit of Nightline. They were talking about how win or lose, Sarah Palin is a political star rising. If McCain Wins, She'll be the heir apparent. If he loses and there is a fight to challenge, she'll have a seat at the table.

I hope to He!! they are right! Sarah Rocks. JSMcCain sucks donkey appendages. Immigration, free speech, etc. BLEAH! Grand Dame McCain's comment about "Holding their nose and pull the lever for Johnny" was almost too much to swallow. Sarah is the sugar on that horse pill that lets it go down. And I mean that in an idea logical way. Drill in Anwar, lower taxes, 2A proponent, Immigration. You go girl!

Lets be clear. I do not like McCain. I've voted against him in his last two at bats. Last three if you include this recent presidential primary election. I wish he weren't the nominee. Quite frankly, I wish the ticket were inverted with Palin at the top and anyone else on the bottom. But McCain's still a darn sight better than the viable opposition if for no other reason than SCOTUS nominees. So here's the bumper sticker I've been meaning to create. (please keep your critiques to yourself on my rendering. I am admittedly "artistically challenged", to use the polite term. Instead please do better and I'll adopt your version!)

The Mother-in-law (MIL) and offspring unit had a moment of pause when I exclaimed "I'm voting for Palin". The MIL had to think about the comment a bit before the meaning sank in. It was a teaching moment for the son as I explained how the people do not actually elect the president and electoral college does. And thus, I can't really vote for Palin without voting for McCain. But Palin is the reason for the vote.

President Palin? F^(% Yea! She Rocks!
Next Reagan? I'm optomistic! We NEED another Reagan!

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BobG said...

"Lets be clear. I do not like McCain."

To be truthful, I don't think anyone voting for McCain likes him; they are all just voting against Obama.