30 October 2008

Charlie & George in unison: " Waaaaaaah!"

Caught Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopolis on the news wringing their hands about how early voting is a bad thing.

Video here.
CG: "They don't hear the whole campaign play out"
GS: "Voters are voting with varying degrees of information and they may miss some last minute news. "

GS practically blurts out "They haven't heard the October surprise!". Offered as evidence, he brings up an OBL tape four years ago and GWB's DUI eight years ago and a 1992 indictment of Caspar Weinburger relating to Iran Contra.
Waaah Waah Waah!

Guys, I have news for you... Absolutely nothing could make me pull the lever for your chosen socialist big government, freedom limiting messiah. That was true three months ago, three weeks ago, three days ago and will still be true five days from now on election day.

Unfortunately it will be proven true three months from now if the Big D majority starts passing bills to limit our 2A rights and redistribute the wealth. The tax increase won't start at $250k, nor $200k, not even $150k. I'll bet the actual line will be in the $80-100k range.

Eliminating 2A rights will start with re-instating the AWB and go on from there. Massive taxes on ammunition? Microstamping? Propellant tagging? Ban private sales (AKA Gun Show Loophole)? All that too. No scheme will be off the table.

Of course CG & GS know most voters have already made up their mind. They are really whining about the so called "undecided".

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