31 October 2008

How to get rid of a troublesome neighbor

Subtitle: Yes, you can find anything on the web.

So we're sitting out on the lawn in front of the SandCastle, got a fire going in the portable fireplace even though we are having a rather warm fall and OATs are still in the mid 80s. You could not possibly imagine a nicer evening to enjoy the warm evening and an Ale.

We have lots of trick-or-treaters. More than live in the area. In fact we strongly suspect most are bussed in from "across the tracks". A few are too young to understand as mom & dad push them around in strollers. Some are too old and costumed quite... Um, provacatively. Some of the older ones don't even bother to dress up.

The neighbor across the street really gets into Halloween. He's been working on his graveyard for a month. They have a smoke machine, strobe lights and some really spooky music going.

For a moment we were suprised when a police cruiser pulled up and a young guy dressed in a very authentic uniform stepped out to talk to the neighbor. Another neighbor called the police over the noise at 7:30 PM on Halloween. In reality it was probably the officer's easiest call of the night. No argument, no grief, no problem. The volume went down and that was it. I guess there is one in every neighborhood and we all know who the local whiner is. The officer would neither confirm nor deny, but there was a body twitch at the mention of the whiner's name.

So the link that popped up tonight when verifying the spelling of "Neighborly" on the left hand side, seemed especially relevant: "How to get rid of a troublesome neighbor". Hmmm that's almost too coincidental.

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