24 October 2008

Gotta love the local elections commission

I'm a pretty opinionated person. (a shocking revelation, I know). I don't waffle on many issues. Any waffling is really "don't cares", like Dog Catcher. And then I'm just as likely to write in "Ham Sandwich"

I also don't like to stand in lines. Since my state allows vote by mail, I've signed up for the permanent vote by mail list. That means a ballot arrives in the mail about 30 days ahead of the election. I sit down at my leisure and cast my ballot. Drop it back in the mail the next day and I'm done. No trying my patience while octogenarians slowly search for my name in their rolls.

That also means I voted and returned my ballot roughly two weeks ago.

So what arrived in today's mail? A sample ballot.

The registrar of elections knows I've voted. They update their lists of who has cast an early ballot on a weekly if not daily basis. They do this so the candidates can mark the early voters off their lists and not waste their resources calling on people who have already voted.

So why does the elections divisions waste my tax money sending me an early ballot weeks after I've cast an actual ballot?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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