18 February 2009

Ch- ch- ch- changes

There used to be a "Dormant" links on the left side here. There were two entries there, The Bitch Girls and Raising FarrahZona. I created his category hoping (knowing?) both would one day return.

Bitter's actually been back for a while. but while her 2A credentials are clearly unquestioned, the food blogging didn't fit the Daily Reads section. And I couldn't think of anything better. So I left it.

But now Farrah is back as well and it's fairly easy to bump her over to the Neighborly Links since RF also is desert based. But then it occurred to me, more than one of those under "daily reads" listed aren't updated daily either. So lets get consistent here!

Glad both are back!

* Yea, I know. SCS only averages a post every other day at best. So Pot/Kettle, I know.

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