18 February 2009

Freeway Parking lots

Well rats!!!

I had a nice post showing the state of the local freeways as the president was getting ready to head down to today's appearance at Dobson High School in Mesa AZ. It included a couple freeway pictures captured from our local Freeway Management System.

However I just noticed the pictures are copyrighted so no reproduction here. A bigger question is why are these image copyrighted? These images were taken by cameras that my tax dollars bought, installed and pay to operate. And posted in near real time on a website that my tax dollars fund. Why are images paid not in the public domain?

The first picture showed an empty freeway where the motorcade would enter the freeway. You can see current images here. The next two showed mile long backups caused by the closures.

I hope everyone enjoyed that parking lot experience and had planned for that extra 30-60 minute delay in their individual travels today.

Thing is, I can't figure out why he's here? The job is in Washington DC. Lots of cities have been hard hit with foreclosures. He landed here late Tuesday PM then reportedly headed straight for the presidential suite at some new ritzy resort. This morning he gave his speech at the school, then beat feet as fast as those GE turbofan's would carry him.

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GunGeek said...

Just because something has a copyright on it does not mean that you can't post it. The copyright holder can release whatever rights they want (or are legally required to) while still retaining the copyright.

You'd have to read the fine print somewhere to find out whether or not you can publish the pictures.