16 February 2009


The One is bringing his teleprompter to the desert this week.

The lines to get tickets started forming immediately when media announced the location. People drove from all over the region to stand in line overnight in 45F temps for one of the 400 tickets. Needless to say your humble host wasn't one of them. I wouldn't stand in a line like that to see or attend any event, not even if the event featured Sarah Palin.

Meanwhile some of us still have jobs to get to and try to maintain some level of productivity. Hopefully the road closures won't start until after rush hour when most of the producer class is already at work. Producing.

The speaking location however is within five miles of the SandCastle but the route to the DayJob(tm) does not cross any reasonable path The One might take. Still, traffic promises to be severely screwed up for miles in all directions.

I wonder what kind of snivelersfine upstanding citizens the event producers will conjure up this time...

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