01 February 2009

Protective Custody

The SCQueen needed to borrow a dresser from her parents. While digging through various storage units and outdoor sheds, she came across these three. Her father has been storing these effectively outdoors and unattended for who knows how many years. They all show extensive surface rust and the stocks are cracked and chipped as well. Fortunately though the bores do not show any pits. Chalk one up for Arizona's dry climate. If these had been stored anywhere on the right side of the country these would be a rusted pile of junk.

SCQueen advised she is taking these into protective custody. We can at least get some oil on the steel to stop the rust and some oil on the wood to keep it from drying out and cracking any more. And give them some secure storage inside.

There is a double barrel shotgun on the left, and a Springfield model 84C on the right with Redfield target sights. The .22 in the middle is by Stevens and originally belonged to the SCQueen's Grandfather. Apparently her dad didn't feel the gun was safe to shoot and plugged the barrel with solder. Uggg, Why do that? I too have a gun that is unsafe to shoot, an SKS with a cracked barrel. Just attach a red tag, but don't make the damage worse. (I'm just waiting for one of those $200 gun "buy backs" and make a profit on the deal).

I was headed to the range today anyway, and took the Model 84C with me after running a bore brush and a couple patches through the barrel. It has a very nice trigger and the Redfield sights are better than my eyes. It's a nice shooter with hardly any recoil.

These are still her father's guns. We have not absconded with them. He says he wants his other grandson to have the shotgun. That's fine, they are his to do as he pleases. In the meantime, they will be cared for in a good home. Most importantly, they will be kept in the family and not sold off because of a spousal objection or because someone needs the money.

He claims to have taken the .22 out just a month ago. I'd be surprised if was any time during the Bush administration. Either Bush administration. In the meantime we need to take him on a range trip.

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