05 February 2009

No BS and they mean it!

I've heard it called "Dillon Precision's No BS lifetime warranty". While I can't specifically find anything about warranty on their website nor in the blue press, there is this statement in the "About Us" section of their website:
This is reflected in our warranty. No warranty cards, registration or serial numbers are necessary. Whether you are the first owner, or the seventeenth, all our hobby-level reloading machines have a lifetime warranty. If you break, damage or wear out anything on them, it will be fixed or replaced – whatever is necessary to restore the machine to normal operating condition.

After reloading for about a year and 5000 rounds (total of all calibers, not just .223), I finally had occasion to test this. I was reloading some .223 after a range session. Some of the rounds were very hard to resize and several had to be pushed back out of the die. Dillon has a very nice scheme - just run the decapping pin down into the resizing die and it pushes the case out.

After pushing out a few cases, the pin became hard to turn. Hmmm that's not normal. So I removed the pin to see what was wrong.

I called Dillon the next day and told them the story. They asked a few questions like "what caliber" and "What's your name". Then they said "We'll mail a new one out tomorrow!" Sure enough, today the new pin arrived and I'm back to reloading.

That's customer service done right!

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