19 May 2009

Too close to home!

Exurban League notes a home invasion near his home base. Just heard the story on the radio of a Kidnapping at a nearby WalMart. I'll second what Kevin said! That's waaaaaay too close to home!
The victim was packing items into her car at the Wal-Mart on 1175 S. Arizona Ave. when the suspect attacked the woman from behind at knife point.

Fortunately she was able to escape, but this could have ended much worse. The SCQueen happened to hear this story and exclaimed "Yet another reason to do the WalMart Walk".

Yep, that's my wife! (I chose wisely!)


exurbanKevin said...

Ok, I gotta ask...

What is "The Wal-Mart Walk"?

danno said...

The short version is Walmart is a good place to gain confidence for noob concealed carriers. This is because they do not prohibit carrying, and it's a busy busy place. Once you take a shopping trip and realize no one can tell, it's quite a confidence builder.

Best description I found (in three tries) can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/qgxt98

Last night the SCQueen asked me to make a late night run to THAT WalMart. Yes, I carried! Upon return she greeted me in the garage as I was singing "Doin' the Walmart Walk". She looked me up and down and said "Where?"

ExurbanKevin said...

I can dig it.

I think my "Walmart Walk" was carrying on our family evening walks for a month straight.

Although the first time I concealed carry at work caused me some jitters.

We got another sex offender notice in the mail this week, so I carry every time I walk out the door now, and most of the time inside the house as well.