17 May 2009

NRA Annual Meeting - Airgun range

The SandCastle crew headed to the airgun range Saturday AM. For the most part* it was well setup with the option of paper and steel targets. The combination of a targets is perfect. The reaction of the steel targets is more fun than punching holes in paper, but the paper documents the accuracy (or lack there of).

The SCSon spent a ticket on each. The SCQueen and I both tried the Crosman. Well I thought it was a Crosman, but the model we shot does not appear on their website.

An interesting trend was noted while observing the firing line. In the 15 or 20 minutes we were there, two kids walked away wearing the safety glasses provided by the organizers. (No, I didn't see the glasses walk out the door. Rather the missing glasses were noted when the next shooter arrived.) In both cases, the kids came back and returned the glasses within a few minutes. Obviously it was not an intentional act and only noted some time after leaving the range. Now the glasses are not very valuable/desirable items, but I can think of several kids here in the neighborhood that wouldn't make the effort to return the items. At best they'd drop them in the nearest garbage can and keep on going. The kids here were obviously well schooled in doing the right thing and made the effort to return the glasses to the shooting position. Good on ya!

*"for the most part" because I really wanted to try the Gamo, but the RO supervising was more interested in talking to his friend than taking my ticket.

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