24 May 2009

NRA Annual Meeting Wrap Up

The upside to having the convention local is that you don't have to travel much nor spend the $$$ on a hotel room. The downside is that you don't have a nearby base of operations so you can't just pop back to the room to relax and refresh for an hour. Total travel time to and from the event was right about an hour each direction. This travel delay played into my missing the Friday evening blogger event and yet another chance to meet other bloggers. Spending Friday walking the show floor with friends, plus the hour commute home, I was done... Same goes for the morning events. I'm not a morning person. Add in an hour travel time and that's not a recipe for getting there early. (This is not a scheduling complaint)

I did get to meet Kevin, Kevin, Thirdpower, Mike, Cowboy Blob, Chris & Melody Byrne, GreatSatanInc, and probably a couple others bloggers that slip my mind at the moment.

Probably the most frequent question on the floor was something along the lines of "Ok, When is this ammo squeeze going to blow over?" I asked it a bunch myself and heard it asked several more times. The straightest answer came from the Hornady folks:
"April 2010. That's what we're hearing!"
And went on to elaborate about the 12 new machines they have on the line and the whole factory running 24/7. Still my observations match Mr Completely's. If everyone is cranking out at top speed, why isn't any much of it showing up in the stores?

The prohibition on concealed carry in restaurants that sell alcohol is a real embarrassment to this state. I understand the need for the parking lot bill, but personally this should be a higher priority. It has passed the legislature in recent years but Governor Jane-O (Now your head of Homeland InSecurity) vetoed it. Our new Governor is likely to sign such a bill, but she has a multibillion dollar budget headache courtesy of said Jane-O to solve first. Unfortunately she's been taking her budget solving queues from the Governator next door. Hopefully the CA election results this week will adjust her bearings.

The HSPrecision booth was empty every time I walked by. Props to Atomic Nerds for asking the tough question.

I tried to get into the Carrying Concealed seminar, but arrived to find it was Standing Room Only, and even that was running out fast.

Thanks to Bitter & Sebastian for coordinating the Blog Bash. I am simply going to have to make GBR IV.

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exurbanKevin said...

I'd say your photo shows why there is no ammo. Sales of guns (and therefore ammo is up 30% (plus) since November. Add in the stockpiling due to the 2008 elections and top that off with panic buying ("They have ammo! Quick, buy all of it!"), no nefarious scheming is needed.