17 May 2009

NRA Annual Meeting - rubbing elbows

The 'Nuge signing books:

NRA News host Cam Edwards:

Wayne LaPierre signed the SCSon's badge holder:

Leaving convention center, we were shocked by the parking rates quoted and happy to be riding the train. Another member chimed in with another price higher than the first. Looked over to see it was Rob Leatham! I grabbed the camera to get a picture. The SCQueen asked why and I explained "This is Rob Leatham. His wife taught you to shoot! (Kippi was one of the Babes with Bullets instructors.) I think the facial expression explains the rest. IIRC, the answer was something along the lines of "Kippi is wonderful. I love her"

We also met David Hardy (Arms and the Law) at the banquet reception. Dave Kopel walked by but seemed to be on a mission.


Mike W. said...

Nice to meet you Dan!

I'll have to put you on the blogroll.

-Mike W.

danno said...

Likewise Mike!