03 May 2009

Good Timing

The SCQueen's favoritest cousin John was in town for business and scheduled the homebound leg to allow a weekend with this side of the family. I needed to hit the range to make my entry to this month's ePostal contest (hosted by the Conservative UAW Guy). Cousin John was only too happy to come along.

I took a number of pictures trying to capture the action. This shot happened to capture the dirt splash on the berm just right of the target frame, and the ejected cartridge a foot or so above the gun (look in the lower left leg of the 'X'). Given the delay of digital cameras and trying to guess when John would break the shot, this was lucky timing.

It's also a reminder that I need to learn how to better use the camera (A Sony DSC-H9). This was taken using the basic shooting mode. It also has modes for sport shooting that prefocuses, shortening the shutter delay (and probably speeding up the "shutter" speed). This would have been a better choice. It also has modes for shutter speed priority. I really need to learn to use these modes.

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