17 March 2010

Bad Choices

Story here.

Short version, fine upstanding young man (FUYM) takes to choking the life out of his date.. On her father's lawn.

Oooohh, bad choice.

Dad jumps out of a second floor window, uses an SUV to break his fall. One shot in the leg apparently failed to dissuade said FUYM on his intent to choke the life out of the homeowner's daughter. But a second shot to the groin did.

No mention of a fatality, but we can hope the wedding tackle is damaged beyond repair and prevent that particular DNA strand from propagating. It should also serve as a life long reminder to mind your manners.

Actually there were a lot of bad choices here...

Daughter could have chosen her friend better and avoided the whole incident.
FUYM could have chosen a better venue for the bout. Thank God he didn't
Dad could have had better shot placement and/or selected a larger caliber leaving one less human piece of dirt consuming oxygen.

1 comment:

BobG said...

The jerk is lucky, dad could have either killed him, or shot out both kneecaps. He got off easy for someone stupid enough to hurt a man's daughter.