30 March 2010

Spring Training Baseball

One of the benefits of living in the desert is beautiful weather this time of year. I wish all of you well in your various states of emergency as we soak up sunny weather. Before saying "Screw it, we're moving to Arizona", Remember Spring only lasts four or five weeks and then our outside temperatures are North of the century mark from May 15th to October 15 (give or take a week on either end)!

Here's a 180-ish degree panorama from my seat. Autostitch had a little trouble with two fans (#2 & the purple shirt to the right) at the intersection of the two left most shots. Also the 3rd base umpire apparently moved between the middle shots, leaving a ghost. [click on images to embiggen]
He's swinging... is it a hit or a strike?
And the pickoff.... Out or Safe? I don't know... he's still pretty far out and ball is halfway there (look for the ball just left of the red shirt at the edge of the field).One question that came up during the game. What's the league minimum these days? Last I heard the players had to be paid at least $175k. Seems my info is quite out of date... Last year it was $400k! Nice work if you can earn it! On a percentage basis (those who make it over those that want it times one centum) you might as well desire to be an Astronaut!

Spring training ends this week and next week teams all over will have their opening days. Let the games begin!

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Mike W. said...

Wow, the minimum is $400K! That's pretty nice for the benchwarmers.