05 March 2010

Recorders set to roll!

Surfing the channels tonight... Oh Nellie! TCM has put together a winner:Airplane! is on now, followed by Zero Hour!.

I think most are familiar with the parody classic Airplane! even though it's 30 years old. However few are familiar with Zero Hour! The fact that both titles include an exclaimtion point is a clue.

That's because it's the same story, originally told as a serious drama and then in parody.

It's amusing to watch a movie you've never seen and still be able to quote most of the dialog.

Sorry this is too late for most this go round (Airplane! is on now) and Zero Hour! will be on in about 25 minutes. But watch for it next time or drop it into the 'queue.

1 comment:

ExurbanKevin said...

Zero Hour is an entirely different kind of movie than Airplane, altogether.