11 March 2010

ePostal Entries

No, not for me... my targets were not good enough :-( But the SCQueen and her sister logged decent targets.

First the SCQueen took a liking to the CZ-82. I like the pistol, it's small, light and easy to conceal. This one came with two 12 round magazines. With street prices are in the low $200s, it may be the sleeper opportunity for concealed carriers on a bargain basement budget. The 9x18 "9mm Makarov" ammo it only slightly less available than the ubiquitous "9mm Luger" cartridge.

However to me, it's none too pleasant to shoot. The 9x18 cartridge uses a fast powder to accelerate the projectile down the short 3.8 inch barrel and there isn't much mass to soak up the recoil. The result is a pretty snappy, borderline unpleasant recoil.

But if she's happy shooting it, that is all that matters. I suspect it fits her smaller hands better than the large framed pistols I prefer.

Here's her target: She scored a pair of 20 point stars.

The SandCastle Sister In Law shot a nice 100 score with a Ruger Single Six. (50+20+15+10+5)

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Billll said...

OK, I guess I'll have to shoot this with my CZ-82 too.