25 May 2010

Left side marginal updates

Please welcome WilsonBlog and Mariner1460 to the daily reads. WilsonBlog popped up on the sitemeter daily perusal. I popped myself on over to find a fellow shooter with lil'ole SCS there in his blogroll. Wilson presently lists some good reminders for bloggers: Pictures help tell the story, but keep them small (he's on dialup). Links are good, but not too many. [side note, too many links don't bother me personally but this new technology that pops up unwelcome stuff on the page while I'm trying to read is downright annoying]. And finally, post because you care, not because of some "post everyday" rule. Pop your browser over to Wilson--Blog and RTWT. It's a good reminder from a reader.

I concur pictures help tell the story, and I generally downsize the pictures. But I don't do it for Mr. Wilson's direct benefit. I do it because I'm selfish. Once in a blue moon I get a really good picture, almost. Once a millenia I accidentally actually take a really good picture. No photographer wan't their best work stolen. My best defense is to only publish low res non-commercially useable versions. If you like the a pic and want the rights to use it, lets talk. I'm reasonable. But in the meantime, I'm happy it benefits Mr. Wilson and every other user with fast page loads and won't notice the pic is only 72 dpi and encoded as a lossy jpeg rather than 300 bit map. (If you ever have one of your pics show up without your permission and unattributed you'll feel the same).

Mariner1460 submitted a handful of ePostal targets for he and his son. Mariner1460 mostly covers small boat sailing on the San Francisco bay but they have recently gotten into shooting. I grew up racing on the bay so it's a deep interest.

Also, I am ashamed to have overlooked Cheaper Than Dirt in the Gunnie Links section. I've enjoyed their catalogs and ordered from them in the past. Like other big names[Midway] the order was handled quickly and efficiently. I wish other [non-gunnie] vendors were as professional.

Finally, sitemeter shows a bit of a Dirt-Slide from their blog post. I did not know CTD had a blog either (*head hung in shame*). So the blog gets it's own entry.

One correction though. While this weekend is the last opportunity to shoot the May ePostal. However I'll be taking entries through Midnight Tuesday (01June 23:59). So if you're heading out camping and taking some LEDs* along, take some dartboards along as well. You'll have time on Tuesday to submit the targets even if you get home late Monday night.

Post Script: Random Nuclear Strikes is next at bat for the ePostal contest. They are still choosing their target and don't expect to have the next match posted until at least Monday... Tick-Tock guys! We don't want to hear the start is delayed because you were up all night analyzing NKorean fallout or some such weak excuse. After all what really is more important, heading off an international nuclear conflict or kicking off the ePostal contest on time ;-)

I'll be checking in early and often just in case they do get started this weekend. Who knows, could be a two-fer weekend!

PPS: I run a mostly reciprocal blogroll here, so long as the content on your end does not offend me. [Did I mention I was a sailor?] If you link to me, drop me a line and let me know.

PPPS:LEDs = Lead Emitting Devices

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CheaperThanDirt.com said...

Thanks for the links and the updated info on the match deadline!