16 May 2010

The phone rang

it was about 10pm. We were still up but it's definitely on the dark side of the "too late to call" line. 'Twas the neighbors, the ones that we were watching their dogs because they were out at the lake. They weren't expected home until the next afternoon.

They had an altercation at their campsite. They pulled in after a day at the lake to find a couple guys going through their stuff. The neighbor told them this was their campsite and they needed to leave. Words were exchanged which ended when the badguy pulled out a gun and asked "Can you stop a bullet?"

The neighbor [unarmed] backed off and called the sheriff. Who arrived 25 minutes later and wrote out citations for disturbing the peace for both but did nothing about the guy brandishing the weapon.

Said neighbor has had the revelation... When (milli)seconds count, the police are minutes away. He suddenly found himself and his family face to face with a bad guy and a gun and no answer to the problem 'cept to hope the bad guy doesn't feel like killing today.

Looks like we'll be taking them to the range soon for basic familiarization on the 4 rules and advising to get some training. Even money he'll have a CCW and a carry weapon inside of 6 months.


TrueBlueSam said...

Thank Goodness the family survived the encounter. It goes to show that 'Just because you are not paranoid, it doesn't mean that nobody's out to get you!.' Bless you for taking them out to become safe shooters.

Mike W. said...

That's a scary moment, but I'm glad everyone is OK and that he's learned from the experience.