14 May 2010

Me neither...

...I'm not hanging out with the cool kids in Charlotte. Not for lack of trying though. Airline flights were reasonably priced but inconveniently timed. All the flights home departed at OMG-dark-thirty (EDT). Adding time for Security theater, some semblance of breakfast and correcting for biological time translates to why-go-to-bed (AZST)? Also it appeared all the available hotel rooms were far enough out we'd need a vehicle to make the trip and now we have to deal with parking problems. Strike three and you're out. Also Charlotte has nothing else to offer as an attraction. Yea I see the NASCAR HOF just opened. I love motor racing but "roundy-round racing" and "yellow flag for my favorite driver needs a yellowdebris on the track leaves me yawning is disbelief. [OTOH, this weekend is Monaco]

Next year is Philadelphia which the SCQueen has wanted to visit anyway. Look for us there!

Instead I'm home playing PC repairman. The SCQueen's PC gave a sudden last gasp today and now it won't boot. Some of the best advice ever, may have been from the notebooks of Lazarus Long, was "Make sure she has her own desk and KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF". Today this translates to "Make sure she has her own computer and etc..."

She was thinking she has a virus. Could be, but I took the drive out and ran virus scan on the drive from another suspected clean machine [do we ever really know?] Nothing found.

My first guess was a bad power supply. Fortunately I had one in stock. No dice. Tomorrow we'll try a new processor (also in stock) and failing that, a different motherboard (also instock).

Update: Swapping the motherboard fixed the problem and she's back up and running. But I can't get the genuine windows validator to run and it seems awfully slow...

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