09 May 2010

Mother's day

For today's "Hallmark(r) holiday" I took the SCSon out to the range. While some may say "Hey, wait a sec! That's cheating". Understand what the SCQueen gets out of the deal... a couple hours of quiet! And that's absolute Au.

So anyway, we took the opportunity to try the May ePostal. And I must say, WHAT SADISTIC ILLEGITIMATE SON came up with this abomination! Even with the distance corrections, those target areas are completely obscured by the sights. And the 100% rifle targets at 25 yards? GMAFB! All I can do offhand (Unsupported) with Fe sights is try to keep the shots on paper. I'm trying a new load in the .30 carbine though and the 4x sight at 25 yards looked reasonable though. I really wanted to chrono the load but that's something to do on a solo trip.

Still, even misses are likely to count for something on this target, the liner rule (counts for the higher score) enlarges the hit zone and there are no no-shoots. So it's still a nice contest to shoot and a plausible excuse to put some Pb downrange.

BTW, if shooting at the specified distance or shooting offhand seems just an absurd waste of ammo, shoot the match as you see fit and submit your target in class 9. That's what it's there for. I brought the target .22 rifle today, but it was too heavy for the SCSon to reasonably control. Instead he shot it from the bench and posted a decent [class 9] score.

BTW, it was a good day to hit the range. It was less than half full which made taking two adjacent benches an easy and unselfish thing to do.

(Sorry, I was a chemistry geek in school and the Breaking Bad train wreck was on tonight)

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