15 July 2008

... And the Green flag drops to start the race!!!

The engines have been started, the racers are on their grid spots and ready to run.

I suppose it happens alot... after reading other blogs for some time, the urge to have a spot of my own. To rant about the things that bug me but also to highlight the things that go well.

Like any other blog, I'll be commenting on the things I care about: Flying, Guns & shooting, cars, music, computers and maybe even some sailing. How long will it last? Who knows... probably until it stops being fun. When the spam and effort to deal with it becomes too onerous, when I dread opening the email, when I just don't care anymore, I know it will be time to pull the plug.

... And the Green flag drops to start the race!!!


Rustmeister said...


I put you on the blogroll.

BobG said...

Welcome to the blogosphere.