02 March 2009

Tempe Tea Party

Update & Bump: WBAustin has posted a video of the event to youtube:

The SCQueen and SCSon drove in for the Tempe Tea Party. She reports about 150 people attended. Afterwards she went over and thanked the organizers. State Senator Russel Pearce grabbed the SCSon's hand and thanked him for coming out!

The speakers explained how and our money is being stolen. "Quite the eye-opener!"


Anonymous said...

Hmm. I seemed to have missed the memo on this. Who's organizing all this, and how can I find out when the next tea party will be?

Any idea if there's a Tea Party in Chandler or Tucson?

danno said...

We found out about it from Seeing Red AZ (seeingredaz.wordpress.com).

There wasn't much notice and holding it on a work day when most taxpayers are, um, working probably was not the best choice.