13 March 2009

Shopping with OPM!

Nothing quite like shopping with Other People's Money.

Tonight was just such a trip. Armed with the $30 Winchester certificate that arrived sent a few days ago to compensate for a recalled batch of .22, we headed out to trade it for actual cartridges.

Needless to say the local store was out of all the usual calibers. Instead I took the opportunity to get some of the more esoteric calibers. You know the ones I normally wouldn't buy. Tonight's haul included:
* 180 gr 30-06
* 12 ga. slugs (one less excuse to skip the local club's 3 gun match)
* .22 Magnum

Normally the slugs are the only one's I'd have bought with my money, but armed with someone else's, why not! Thanks Winchester!

PS, I picked up a package of ear plugs too... turns out they were also Winchester branded!

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